Race Information – Be-Human




Online Registration

As race organizers Online Registration is our preferred method of entry. Online registration allows us to prepare better for the race at hand and we have a better idea of the amount of logistics that we need to prepare. Online Registration will close 2 days before the start of the race, and only paid participants will be regarded as online entries (or pre-entries).

Online registration can be done at www.evententry.co.za

Manual Registration

People who are unable to access the online registration platform will be permitted to enter at certain facilities across Bloemfontein. These venues will be listed on the official event page under the @evententry Facebook page. Manual entries will be closed 2 days before the start of an event.

Late Registration

Late Entries will take place before the start of the race and will typically be the last hour before the start of the race. On all accounts we try to prevent a large number of late entries as it adds to the logistical challenges, therefore we request all competitors to make use of our online platform or manual entry points when possible. Late entries will be liable for an additional R20 penalty fee.


Check In

Check-In takes place 1 hour before the start of the race. During race check-in final administration is concluded including late payments, number allocation, shoulder marking etc… Competitors who have made use of online entry or pre-entry will have a much shorter race check-in. Competitors who have not made use of pre-entry will have to complete an entry form first before they can be checked in to the race.

Start Times

Start Times for the Be Active OCR is as follows:

Registration – 06:00

Be Fast (8km) – 07:00

Be Fit (6km) – 07:15

Be Fun (4km) – 07:30

Prize Giving – 09:30

Race briefing will be approximately 5 min before the start of the race.


Prize-giving will take place at 09:30, and competitors need to be present in order to qualify for their prize / lucky draw. The following prizes are allocated, but more may be added by additional sponsors:

Be Fast 1st Male – R500 meat prize at Deli

Be Fast 2nd Male – R300 meat prize at Deli

Be Fast 3rd Male – R200 meat prize at Deli

Be Fit 1st Male – R300 meat prize at Deli

Be Fit 2nd Male – R200 meat prize at Deli

Be Fit 3rd Male – R100 meat prize at Deli

Be Fast 1st Female – R500 meat prize at Deli

Be Fast 2nd Female – R300 meat prize at Deli

Be Fast 3rd Female – R200 meat prize at Deli

Be Fit 1st Female – R300 meat prize at Deli

Be Fit 2nd Female – R200 meat prize at Deli

Be Fit 3rd Female – R100 meat prize at Deli

Lucky Draw – R500 meat prize at Deli


Rules for Competitors

Training on the obstacle course is permitted and may be done on any Saturday that a race is not presented at the Be Human venue. Simply pay your R10 entrance fee to the venue. Please note that it is at your own risk, as there are only medical assistance in place on official race days.

Suggested Minimum age for participants are as follows:
Be Fun: 12
Be Fit: 14
Be Fast: 16

Competitors who are younger than the minimum age must be accompanied by a parent of caretaker.

No competitor is under any obligation to complete any obstacle. Should you fail to complete an obstacle the race officials will present you with a 10 burpee penalty, and thereafter you may proceed with the rest of the course. ONLY COMPETITORS WHO COMPLETE ALL OBSTACLES CORRECTLY ARE ELIGIBLE FOR POSITION PRIZES

Competitors may attempt obstacles as many times as they want. If you are not a serious competitor then the idea is to have as much fun as you can.

Competitors may not be assisted by spectators in any shape or form. Competitors may however be assisted by fellow competitors. In fact we encourage that competitors take part in small groups of 2-6 who can assist each other through the course and have maximum fun along the route.

Rules to Collect Prizes

Prize giving will take place at 09:30.

In order to qualify for prizes the competitors must be present at the prize giving. Competitors who fail to show up for the prize giving will forfeit their prizes.

Only competitors who has successfully completed ALL the obstacles may qualify for positional prizes. We request that you ALERT us and NOT receive your prize during the prize giving if you have not completed all obstacles successfully.

In order to qualify for the lucky draw, a competitor must proof that he has “liked” the Be Human and Event Entry Facebook pages.

Prizes may not be exchanged for cash.

Rules for Spectators

Spectators may enter the Be Human venue by paying the R10 entrance fee to the venue.

The market usually opens at 08:00 where spectators are free to enjoy the food, drink and kiddies playing areas that the venue offers.

Chairs and gazebos are allowed at the race venue. There are however more than enough cover under the trees as well as seating and shade at the market area.

The route is cleverly designed with obstacles clusters where spectators can drive with their vehicles / bicycles and view the race first hand.

We encourage spectators along the route, but spectators may not assist or interfere with the competitors in any shape or form.

Competitive athletes who compete for podium positions may not receive any food, drink, energy boosters or any other substance from spectators.